If you want to build a WishList membership website with WordPress, Webtern can help you by developing, designing, and optimize a WordPress website for you.

A WishList membership website is an excellent avenue to secure and sell online courses, magazine content, and downloadable products such as music, eBooks, and private forums.

Webtern helps you with full installation of the WordPress software, plug-ins, theme, and widgets for making your site look and feel the way you expect. The team of WordPress WishList developers at Webtern are experts in full WordPress installation, theme selection and installation, e-mail autoresponder integration, Google Analytics integration, blog migration (supported by WordPress), shopping cart integration, and plug-in selection and installation, besides installing and configuring WishList member software for safeguarding your content, membership management, and process payments.

The list of services includes software installation, error page setup, membership level configuration, autoresponder integration, shopping card and credit card integration. In addition to that, WordPress WishList development at Webtern also helps with training and documentation so that you can manage your site in an easy and effective way. In addition to this, you can even request for other value-added services, including custom headers and graphics, audio editing, and Camtasia screencast recording, editing, and publishing.

The WordPress WishList development team correctly installs WordPress on your domain and takes every step for customizing your website with all the optimal settings so that the site runs and indexes properly right from the start. In order to ensure design flexibility, lightening-fast loading times, and unmatched SEO, the team of WordPress WishList developers will install the Thesis Theme framework on your WordPress installation.

In addition to these WordPress WishList development services, the Webtern team will also help you create WordPress users for everyone in your organization who should be granted access and the right to update the website. Moreover, our expert team will also install Google Analytics so that you can easily find out how many Internet visitors have visited your site, where they come from (geographical location), and the keywords they use to find you, how long they stay, and which are the most popular pages of your website. Furthermore, we will help you with page, object, database, and browser caching so that your website loads up to twice as fast for the regular visitors.

If that was not all, we will be hosting your site(s) on a dedicated server so that there is an almost-zero chance that the server may get corrupted by the website of someone else. In addition to that, we will also be integrating safeguard plug-ins to protect your website from hackers and spammers. These value-adding services will help your business get complete and uninterrupted access to process recurring subscription payments via multiple merchant or payment gateways and set-up different subscription levels with varying lengths of subscription and pricing options. Moreover, your online business can even develop content for attracting visitors besides monetizing the website by requiring compulsory membership for accessing the protected areas. Moreover, you can also benefit from sequential control delivery that helps you to time the release of content to site members and extend the longevity of their memberships. You may also grant access to pages, posts, comments, and categories for each membership level that will help significantly in evolving the membership site.

All in all, building a WishList membership website with WordPress through Webtern can easily help you gain “prominent” visibility on the Internet and attract interested visitors to trust your products and services like never before. The fact that it is easy and affordable to hire WordPress WishList developers to take care of all your WordPress WishList development needs with Webtern means that you have everything to gain by trusting the best in the industry.