• Reach
  • Scope
  • Interactivity
  • Immediacy
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Ease of Adaptation


e-marketing enables all businesses to have a truly global reach. The use of traditional marketing methods to have a global reach is very expensive and hence limited to large corporates and multinationals. E-marketing opens new avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access customers from all corners of the world.


e-marketing allows a business to reach its customers in wide range of ways viz. website, email, live chat, blog, forums, etc. With new technologies becoming available every day, this scope can only grow.


Traditional means of marketing are like a monologue. They are more about getting the brand’s message to its customers. E-marketing on the other hand is interactive and enables the marketer to obtain feedback from its customers. This two-way communication channel enables the marketer to get real time and direct feedback from its customers and adapt its operations / marketing methods.


This is by far one of the biggest advantages of e-marketing. Imagine on Sunday morning you are reading a magazine or newspaper and you see an ad about Mercedes’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s newest iPhone. With this traditional means of marketing you would be required to visit a Mercedes showroom or Apple reseller in order to get more information about the product or buy the product. With e-marketing, this gap between providing information and actual acquisition can be closed and you could have booked a test drive or ordered the iPhone in just 5 minutes by making a few clicks. And you could do this at midnight on Sunday. E-marketing makes business hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Demographic Targeting

A company’s marketing messages are most effective when they are delivered directly to the target audience. Because of the nature of the Internet users will tend to organize themselves into focused groups. It is for this reason that e-marketing campaigns can be targeted directly to the audience most likely to be interested in the products. The Internet creates a perfect environment for niche marketing to the targeted groups.

Ease of Adaptation

With e-marketing the response and effectiveness of a marketing campaign can be tracked continuously in real time, thus making the marketer far more dynamic in adapting to the consumer’s needs and wants. Combined with the immediacy of the Internet as a medium, this implies that very little to none advertising spend is wasted on those campaigns which are not effective.

All the factors above result in an improved Return on Investment (ROI) which is far better than that of most of the traditional means of marketing. This results in more customers, happier customers and an improved bottom line.