What is e-learning

Create Intellectual Capital for Corporate Success

We help you develop cost-effective learning solutions, which can train more people by minimizing learning time & maximizing the knowledge retention with the help of visually & instructionally rich visual content.

Our eLearning approach is highly focused and customizable to the individual and organizational needs. We take great pride in the flexibility of our suite of formulation and development strategies to handle unique challenges.
Simply put e-Learning is learning imparted via the electronic medium. E-Learning can be CD based, Network based, Intranet based or Internet based. It can include text, video, animation and a virtual environment. The learning medium is very rich as it is a composite of various electronic formats and often surpasses the experience of a physical classroom session.
e-Learning is being rapidly adopted by organisations as medium of training not only for their staff but also their vendors and customers.
Credit Suisse Boston states, “We believe that intellectual capital will be a defining characteristic of successful companies.” An organisation’s performance is increasingly seen as being dependent upon its intellectual capital i.e. the skills, knowledge and experience of its staff.Fundamentally, learning has become an integral part of business activity and an important means of creating competitive advantage.
e-Learning helps lay a strong and stable foundation for building an organisation’s intellectual capital. It should not be considered as an expense but rather as an investment.